Mindful Therapy:
Mindfulness for Counsellors, Therapists and Psychologists
with Gareth Williams
24-25 March 2018, Luther King House in Manchester
In this workshop we will be exploring 3 ways that mindfulness can make significant contributions to therapy:
i) How a personal practice of mindfulness can strengthen therapeutic presence, attunement, empathy and responsiveness.
ii) The ways in which a mindful orientation, derived from the principles, insights and techniques of mindfulness, can inform therapeutic processes.
iii) How therapists can explicitly and effectively teach mindfulness to clients.
Our focus will include the many attitudinal facets of mindfulness, such as compassion, playfulness, openness to experience, trust, etc. And their relevance in facilitating growth, healing and recovery. Alongside attitude, we will also give attention to elements of mindfulness that can help expand our repertoire of responses and inspire therapeutic creativity. In particular, we will consider how to harness intention and motivation, how acceptance invites change, the importance of bodily felt sense, and how to conduct mindful inquiry. As a helpful way to map therapeutic possibilities, we will spend some time reflecting on the 5 ways clients make therapy work, and how mindfulness is relevant to each of these 5 modes. Participants must have completed an 8-week mindfulness training or equivalent, or have an established regular personal practice.
Workshop is £190 (or £180 for Compassionate Wellbeing or Compassionate Mind Foundation members). Workshop will run from 9-5 on both days. Unfortunately, lunch is not included in the workshop price, but there are shops nearby. For more information, please email compassion_well@hotmail.co.uk
MINDFUL THERAPY: Manchester Registration: £190
MINDFUL THERAPY: Manchester Concession: £180